Professional Engineers will train your team.

Every week, thousands of musicians and singers in our churches spend hour upon hour practicing for their worship service only to have that presentation hampered by an audio team that is not proficient.

Unless you are in a large church or school near Orlando, Nashville, or another major recording city, theme park, or tourist hub that employs lots of professional audio engineers and production experts, chances are high that your Tech Team are ‘volunteers’ who have never been paid outside the church or school to perform the work they are doing for your organization. Yet we wonder why our system doesn’t sound as good as some secular venue or mega-church down the road that has a salaried audio engineer on staff. Training for the Tech Team should be high on the list of needs for any House of Worship or school with a volunteer staff.

WilsonProAVL offers several 3.5-hour audio seminars that address the basic skills that an audio technician needs to be successful in the local church. Attendees receive training in:

  • Basics of Sound

  • Understanding the Role of the Audio Technician

  • Understanding the Functions of the Mixer, Equalizer, Monitors, Microphones and other equipment

  • Advance Mixing with effects and WAVES

Why You Should Attend:

Even a simple sound system has several components that work together to amplify the sound – microphones, mixing consoles, equalizers, power amplifiers, and loudspeakers. Our training class is filled to overflowing with the techniques, concepts, and knowledge that each sound tech MUST understand in order to master the sound system in their church.

The class is fast-paced, focused on learning, yet with a few laughs along the way. Come join the thousands of trained WilsonProAVL grads who have found a renewed passion for technical excellence.

You’ll return home understanding not only HOW to improve your church’s sound, but WHY you are taking each step. Plus you’ll have a great time learning alongside fellow believers!


Mike Wilson has been an audio engineer for over 30 years and has been doing Church training all across the country. Mike has years of experience in digital mixing and can also teach and train your team how to use Ableton Live to control all your lights and ProPresenter slides. Mike has worked as an FOH Engineer for touring groups and has been recognized for his ear for mixing by industry leaders.