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Technology is great…when it works. But when it doesn’t, it becomes an obstacle to an efficient meeting or worship service. If you’re having issues with a meeting space, Wilson Pro AVL will help you troubleshoot your system. Even if we didn’t install your equipment, our experienced team can assess any audio-video system.


Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Services we offer

We exist to partner with YOU, to help your message go out clearly, creatively, confidently.


From basic speech communication to chest thumping rock to multichannel, immersive systems, we deliver.


We provide clients with effective video projection systems, broadcast camera systems, and multi-site streaming systems that meet your unique needs.


The universe of lighting includes direct natural lighting, indirect natural lighting, artificial lighting, and reflected light as well as the control of all of these sources.

Pro Presenter

Whatever the story you want to tell, ProPresenter has the tools to help you tell it in the most engaging way possible.


Since 2017 we made over 300 separate concert events take place. Whether you are hosting a single musical event or searching for national tour support.


Every week, thousands of musicians and singers in our churches spend hour upon hour practicing for their worship service only to have that presentation hampered by an audio team that is not proficient.

It’s all about communicating with people.It’s all about communicating with people.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

More Than Sound Systems

We understand and deliver audio at a number of levels, from basic speech communication to chest thumping rock to multichannel immersive systems. We understand the unique requirements of liturgical, contemporary, theater, club, and other genres. We help you understand the contribution of your room to sound and the best locations and technology formats for the system. Using modeling technologies, we analyze, define, and demonstrate the tradeoffs of various competing audio approaches.

  • Digital Sound Consoles
  • Personal / In-Ear Monitor systems
  • Wireless mic distribution
  • Integrated multi-tracks

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Video & Livestream

On the surface, production video is always a discussion about video design and lighting design. Lighting is the unspoken foundation of video excellence.

Based on our client’s needs, we build infrastructure to support current and expanded video needs. We build a firm, flexible foundation with highly stable components and simplistic user interface. Growing should not mean starting over.

  • Video Projection

  • Broadcast Cameras

  • Video Switching

  • Video Walls

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional


We are typically involved with the design and control of architectural lighting and production lighting.

From subtle to dramatic, from liturgical accents to full stage productions, we can accommodate your needs. Our lighting designers and engineers define fixtures, grids, power loads, and control strategies that brings focus, emphasis, mood management, video support, and drama to your venue.

  • House of Worship

  • Live Concerts

  • Commercial

  • Touring

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