Embracing and integrating technology into the classroom and campus creates a more engaging campus environment and helps make learning fun. Technology enhances the learning experience, helps to keep our campuses safe, and encourages collaboration to support the way today’s students want to learn. From immersive and hybrid learning classrooms to digital signage and security solutions, Wilson Pro AVL provides audiovisual technology integration services to help you create an engaging and effective educational experience.

Does your school or auditorium have a budget sound system? Could your  message be more impactful with more powerful, resonant audio?

At WilsonProAVL, we are proud to offer high quality sound systems to the education enviroment . We recognize that there is rarely a one-size-fits-all formula for sound systems in these environments – that’s why we take the time to understand your needs and intended uses for your new or upgraded sound system. Regardless of the size of your congregation or student body, we have all your sound system solutions!

The school and worship hall sound system packages we provide are complete audio solutions designed and installed by our expert technicians. Our goal is to provide your space with the absolute highest quality sound and coverage, engineered appropriately for your space and specific acoustic needs. Thanks to the latest in audio technology and our in-depth experience in the industry, we can provide your school with a sound system that complements your space and enhances your educational and or worship experience!