We Painstakingly Plan Every Detail When It Comes To What Happens During The Crucial Installation Phase Of The Project.

From concept to design we follow the architectural focus of the building and the wishes of the church team when it comes to the placement and visibility of all AVL equipment. In essence, we pay strict attention to the architectural boundaries and integrity of your structure when it comes to installing your equipment.

During the installation phase, we will meet with your ministry team as well as all trades that have impact on the technology systems. This insures they fully understand your planned ministry goals. Our main focus during AVL installation is to insure all the contractors working on-site are on the same page.

When it comes to the “end use” of the church, as a team, we properly implement the infrastructure required to facilitate the future growth of your ministry.

  • Digital Sound Consoles
  • Personal / In-Ear Monitor systems

  • Wireless mic distribution
  • Audio distribution in your campus
  • Integrated multi-track audio recording

Why Choose Us?

Worship Technology

We have developed one of the best design, build and implementation teams in the world to partner with worship teams and their partners who are growing and expanding. At Wilson Pro AVL one of the ways we have distinguished ourselves within the industry is by utilizing our “hands on” design method.

As we develop an AVL master plan design, it will be customized for the way the ministry functions in the present and completed with plans for future expansion. This will play a role in maintaining reasonable budgets for expansion…without starting from scratch each time you upgrade your system needs.

We are not only here during the project, but are on the church team as long as they need us. A true partner.

We understand and deliver audio at a number of levels, from basic speech communication to chest thumping rock to multichannel immersive systems. We understand the unique requirements of liturgical, contemporary, theater, club, and other genres. We help you understand the contribution of your room to sound and the best locations and technology formats for the system. Using modeling technologies, we analyze, define, and demonstrate the tradeoffs of various competing audio approaches.