Putting Your Worship Services On Air Can Be An Almost Impossible Balancing Act.

Not only do you have to learn how live streaming works, but you also have to find the right technology for your church sanctuary. Before long, your head starts spinning with all sorts of conundrums:

“What camera for streaming church services do I need? What is encoding? How do I set up church live streaming on a shoelace budget?”

But, before we dive into the technical details, let’s find out if it’s worth it. Statistics say that half of Bible readers search for and read biblical texts online. So, does this mean that believers also want to watch live church service broadcasts?

On the surface, production video is always a discussion about video design and lighting design. Lighting is the unspoken foundation of video excellence.

Based on our client’s needs, we build infrastructure to support current and expanded video needs. We build a firm, flexible foundation with highly stable components and simplistic user interface. Growing should not mean starting over.

Why Choose Us?


We Know Church Video Production

Wilson Pro AVL has a team of professionals that know the ins and outs of church video production. Whether it’s recording a regular worship service, a musical performance, live stream of a church event, or even recording a church community sports event, we have the proper equipment and knowledge to handle the task completely.

Video cameras can be strategically placed in order to get multiple angles of the same scene. This is useful for producing stunning special effects and blended visual effects. Also, this allows you to catch the perfect angle of a singer on one side of the stage, the choir on the other side of the stage, audience members, and other subjects.

Church video production is a growing trend in churches across the world. Video allows churches to spread their message to people all around the globe. It’s also useful to have a video copy of any church plays, productions, or performances for members of the congregation later on. Some churches live stream their services and events on TV networks and on the internet. However, many churches don’t have the personnel, the knowledge, or the budget to perform their own video productions. Sometimes, it’s easier (and better) to hire a professional video production team to take care of the recording, so the church members can concentrate on their worship service or other event.

Wilson Pro AVL has a team of professionals to ensure that the audio quality is as good as the video quality for church video production. A talented team of editors can mix and master the video from start to finish. We make sure the audio is in sync, and we work with you to ensure that final product is what you expected.

Video LED Displays

At Wilson Pro AVL, you’ll find a range of video wall systems for churches that will make it easy to deliver the brightness and clarity you’ve always wanted. Create a larger-than-life display that brings graphics and backdrops to life. Whether you display a verse or sermon visual, you can trust that your audience will clearly be able to see and read the screen.

Along with offering exceptional ambient light, both our small and large LED screens for churches are built to last. Once it’s installed and up and running, your video wall will last 10-15 years or more depending on how much you use it. If anything goes wrong during this time, you can easily replace the part — without using any special tools.

Whether you’re a small, medium or large sized church, our LED panels are designed to highly benefit your space. You may currently be dealing with ambient light issues, trying to fix washed out projection videos, spending a lot of money on replacing projection bulbs, or simply lacking the visual quality you want to see.

Thanks to technical innovation, you no longer have to deal with these kinds of downsides from projection setups. With LED screens for churches, you can enhance your sanctuary experience and create backdrops that capture viewers’ attention and keep them engaged.

Video Projection

Because everyone has unique needs, we provide a range of projection systems for you to choose from depending on what your setup demands. Our systems are designed to deliver exceptional clarity and engagement — all while being easy to operate.

For a cost-effective, yet professional solution, we have liquid-crystal display (LCD) and digital light processing (DLP) lamp-based projectors. If you’re looking for more advanced capabilities, our lamp-free projectors will deliver vibrant color at the high refresh rates you’re looking for.